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Why was ThoVer Webproductions founded?
ThoVer Webproductions was founded because of the appearance of many websites whithout a professional look. It seems to be normal for design to be pretty moderate and the navigation around the site is in many cases very difficult. Besides these reasons ThoVer Webproductions wants to be revolutionary with its price policy [see conditions for payment]: the price will always be determined after a profound analysis of your wishes, demands and possibilities. We guarantee that our final price will always be lower then the average price of our colleagues (officially registered webdesigners).

The basical principle of ThoVer Webproductions
With ThoVer Webproductions you, being our main client, and your wishes are always the most important. This principle already starts in our first conversation or contact: ThoVer Webproductions knows everything about webdesign, webhosting and all other things needed for your online presence, but in most cases not much about your company! That's why we always listen to you: after extensively consulting your wishes and demands, your website will be developed and implemented, of course in your company's own style. Your company doesn't have it's own style yet? No problem: ThoVer Webproductions can, of course after consulting your wishes, help you with creating one as well!
  That's why our slogan is