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What is ThoVer Webproductions?
ThoVer Webproductions is a young and fastgrowing company founded by Thomas Vergouwen. ThoVer Webproductions does not only want to catch the eye with our designing skills, the price should be surprising too! If you want to discuss the price we ask you, that's always possible. This can be seen in our slogan as well: "We offer you the right solution, not the standard one"!

Who can be a customer of ThoVer Webproductions?
ThoVer Webproductions aims at all companies who really want to be present on the internet, but don't know how to do this! That's why small retailers are a specifically important customer category for ThoVer Webproductions.
We think that retailing via the internet, besides the regular retailing activities, is a valuable new possibility. That's why these kind of services [the so called e-commerce] are perfectly available from ThoVer Webproductions as well!
  Newest release

In October 2001 - during an internship with France Télécom Recherche & Développement - a special website with adventures, photos and small stories in/from in and around Paris has been released. This website is built dynamically and is implemented using a database which contains all information.
What can ThoVer Webproductions do for you?
For your company ThoVer Webproductions can make a website, at low-cost, as well. Besides webdesign ThoVer Webproductions offers very cheap webhosting as well since recently. This means that you don't have to do anything at all to keep your online presence available anymore!
On our website we don't mention standard prices, because we don't have them. Our prices really depend on what you want! In this way we can make a decision about design and prices together with you!

Why on the internet?
Internet is an excellent way of marketing. At this moment about 100 million people use the internet. This will only expand even further in the near future, with the upcoming of free internet providers! Even you can be present on the World Wide Web (WWW), by letting ThoVer Webproductions design, implement and host a website especially for you.
  Newest release

Friday, August 31, 2001 Schadewereld.nl - the meetingpoint for the car damage branch in The Netherlands - has been introduced with a press presentation. Both the website and the database which is needed for the interactivity have been developped and implemented by ThoVer Webproductions. Furthermore, ThoVer Webproductions offers hosting facilities for Schadewereld.nl.
By means of a website you can:
* Add a new method to your marketing mix
* Contact and inform potentially new customers
* Present your corporate image worldwide with a relatively cheap method
* Make it possible for customers to contact your organisation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to:
- supply (potential) customers with the information they need
- supply up-to-date information about your products and services
- sell your products / services directly to (new) customers
- contact potential customers, who wouldn't have been reached without your internetpresence
- inform a large group of buyers with relatively low costs
  Newest release

In June 2001 the totally revised website for Signal Processing Systems, a division of the faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven has been released.
We offer you the right solution, not the standard one!
If you want to present your company online, you can always contact us directly by e-mail on sales@thover.com or you can use our inquiryform.